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Beth Isbell Bio

I am the bastard love child of Janis Joplin & Jim Morrison, except that one day while Jimbo took a trip in the desert, Janis was in NYC banging Lou Reed. It's all a little fuzzy from there, ... and yes, I'm actually a girl! ... well, currently!” - Beth Isbell

Beth Isbell’s journey to become the psychedelic punk glam rocker she is today hasn’t - by any means - taken a traditional musician’s path to artistic fruition. Beth, born as a young boy named Bill in Columbus, GA, grew up in the US and Europe through school, college and law school as boy. Then as a man. And, now a woman. Now an accomplished musician with a library of diverse yet equally compelling recordings, Beth’s gift as a songwriter and infectious live performances mix elements of both genders, all while maintaining, at the core, a magical soul and mastery of craft capable of inspiring the hope within all of us to be who we truly are.

Adversity challenges ones true soul to emerge,” Beth often says. The struggle to overcome infects her lyrics, propelled by a resonant assault of musical textures that contrasts peace sought with the war in one’s mind. Beautiful, haunting at times, her music has the power to fill and teach souls. Beth’s powerful songs and performances are summed up by her personal haiku: "I live to create, fucking art for the masses. This bitch loves to rock!"

Beth’s musical journey began in the late 90s, after a divorce, as she was winding down her career as a civil rights attorney and beginning her journey to cross the gender divide. She fell in love with music, singing songs around campfires with talented songwriter and guitarist friends. Infused with these folk influences, the first country song she ever wrote, “The Good Woman Waltz” became the title cut of her first CD, originally released under the name Bill Isbell, and the #1 song in the Texas Top 40 for original songwriters. Simultaneously, she began furiously writing punk rock songs and released The Flying Lennys EP a punk-pop collection that featured a special guest appearance by one of her close friends, neighbor, and musical mentors, Jazz legend Joe McBride.

Living as a women in a man’s body was not an easy evolution; Beth was thrown out of clubs and banned from playing some of her favorite venues as her soul and body transitioned. But, she persevered. During this trying period, she focused on song writing and improving her performance skills (Beth describes herself “as a songwriter first, who loves to perform”) as the front person for Dallas psychedelic blues rock band - and underground critic darlings - The Dead Prophets. Beth’s prolific songwriting continued and she placed in several national songwriting competitions and went on to release a number of EPs spanning genres including coffee-house style folk rock and blues (“Live @ The Blue Moon”, “The Awakening”, “Aardvark” and “This Is The Blues!”).

Beth’s current sound can be described as a mix of an acoustic & electric Neil Young guitar assault and a David Bowie/Iggy Pop voice, which with a full band, blends passionate delivery & a Morrison/Joplin-era sound. Her latest release, “We Are The Gods!” - a psychedelic-grunge-punk-glam rock album schedule for Summer 2014 - features a full band line up and is produced by Trent Bell (Chainsaw Kittens).

If overcoming the struggle to be who you are in life and music had a name, it would Be This Bell.


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Rock | Indie Rock


Press Contact

Jory White
(415) 912-9392

Current News

  • 09/15/2014

BeThisBell's New Album "We Are The Gods!" Overcomes The Odds

BeThisBell's (aka BeTh isBell) latest solo release "We Are The Gods!" is pure psychedelic punk.  This is the sound of your brain going through high school, or college, or maybe just overcoming your despair and loss of hope, or maybe of an LGBT artist breaking free of societal expectations.  This album is the sound of all that, quite colorfully exploding in your headphones!

The sound is big, massive, in your face punk with a psychedelic edge. Lyrics that captivate your mind within...


  • 09/15/2014, Album Release, "We Are The Gods!", Publishers - Essex Music Intl., Inc. & TRO Workshop Productions, Inc. View
  • 09/15/2014, Album Release, "We Are The Gods!", Publishers - Essex Music Intl., Inc. & TRO Workshop Productions, Inc. View